We are the
new generation of social.

Group of friends hanging out
  • We are the ones who break free.
  • We are the generation that counts moments, not likes.
  • We are the people who create spaces filled with community and inclusion.
  • We make new memories. Forge new friendships. Try new things.
  • We face our fears. Laugh 'til it hurts. Reminisce with old friends.
  • We break down walls. Respect boundaries. Push back against injustice.
  • We see abundance in each other. Understand what is vital.
  • We share life’s beautiful, spontaneous, quirky, fleeting joys.
  • We are here.

We are the new generation of social.

Our team sat down and wrote this manifesto to share our vision with you and serve as a guide for us as we build the hithr community.

Start creating new moments
with friends.

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