Our story

At hithr, we hate coordinating events through long text chains as much as you do. We believe there is an easier and more inclusive way to make plans with friends.

In 2019 our founder Ky Hamilton set out to solve this problem. Through the development of multiple prototypes and feedback from countless people, hithr was born. It's mission: to let you to spend less time planning get-togethers and more time connecting with the people around you.

Over the rollercoaster year of 2020, we built a team, developed our early version of the app, and made improvements based on the feedback we received. So far, we've created an app that prioritizes ease: through hithr, you can organize get-togethers, invite friends, and see when people are available to hang out. And because we are passionate about accessibility, you can share your events with friends that are not on the app through easy text message invites.

In 2021, we are working to polish the hithr app and introduce a public beta this summer. We hope you will follow our progress and sign up to be one of our early beta users!

Meet our founder.

Rounded image of hithr founder Ky B Hamilton

Ky B Hamilton

Ky founded hithr in 2019 and has been a UX director and designer for over a decade. She previously founded The Lotus, an online community for Mindfulness practitioners around the world, and is passionate about bringing people together.

Ky is an out transgender woman working to bring diversity into the tech industry. She has given talks on LGBTQ inclusion for companies including SamsungNext.

When not at her desk, Ky is out hiking, snowboarding, and cross country skiing in Colorado with her wife and two dogs.

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